Antenna Pic's from Early 2000



Latest installation of fan 80 40 20 6 dipole...cobra dipole is in the rear.

20 meter vertical in the back yard like a bandit

my hombrew 20 meter bread board vertical during construction

Satellite Setup Homebrew QFH on top with the 144 mhz and 440 dual band Corner Beam Horizontal polarization

KC2QEA pretending he is a rotor motor.

KC2QEA putting on the finishing touch.

Dual 18 Element 440 MHZ Yagi's donning the 6 element 144 mhz quad for a hat

Uh Oh !!! thats what a 57 mph wind can do !

144 mhz quad built by myself and KC2QEA

6 element 144 mhz quad completed

Pat holding the 6 element 440 quad

144 mhz sniffer i constructed out of a tape measure

3 element 144 mhz tape measure beam that i made and added 3 more directors awesome

Right hand circular polarized omni being constucted on the bench.

Right hand circular polarized omni in the air.

The turnstile or crossed dipole satellite antenna...worked like crap.

137 mhz APT QFH satellite antenna built by W8LVT

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