Pics are from 1990 and up




My pride and joy (so far)...Yaesu FT1000MP Mark V 200 watt version

One half of the shack...thats only half...and growing

National NCX - 5

My old BC - 342 N Receiver

Drake MN-2000 2 KW tuner ...nice piece.

Hammarlund HQ100 A

HQ-100 A fornicating with the U.S. Army Signal Corps Pan Adapter

My grandfathers old SW radio a Nordmende tuber...still works great.

Realistic Solid State DX -150 Receiver

An old RCA table top tuber i rebuilt that i found here at the house.

Cobra Cam 88 tuber 23 channel CB

Browning Golden Eagle Mark 2 Series with the Matching Ribbon Banana Mic

The new wood covers on the Golden Eagle

Setup with my Shure 55S cage mic

Satellite tracking with the PC

Real radio's glow in the dark...

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